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Dialogue is a practice

Fruitless discussions, endless meetings, posturing and power struggles, finger-pointing, reproaches and "brawling with the past" - all this is tedious, energy-sapping, blocks communication and sabotage solution-oriented efforts. Talking to each other is many times more fruitful than arguing against each other. Combined power is incomparably stronger than "single combat".


DIALOGUE in Mediation is one of the strongest and most constructive forms of communication to REALLY connect and talk to each other. It is free of judgement. By agreeing to stick to a few principles, a conversation becomes solution-oriented, innovative, fruitful, deeply nourishing, and new insights, powerful strategies, and sustainable solutions emerge. The power of good mediation can already be experienced after the first practical experience - this I guarantee!

"In a dialogue nobody tries to win. If nobody wins, everyone wins"

David Bohm

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