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Nature is our strongest resource -
we are its expression. In contact with it, in the body, we find guidance, clarity and connectedness.


I was born in 1956 in the sign of Aries. Cancer in the ascending sign is my "sensitive helper" when working with people.

Very early in my life I was on my own two feet and took it into my own hands. That's why "self-empowerment" is central to my work.

I trained for 25 years  in business - a niche product in brain and consciousness research which I had developed myself. It became a  success story that brought me a lot of fulfillment and my participants great benefit.

Over the years I have also been able to accompany numerous women, men and teams in coaching. It was and is always a great joy and fulfillment to experience how people and lives can change positively through "a little help from a friend".


In my work today I use my rich experience and all my skills. I have a wide range of further education. Some I did some only for myself, many of them I use in my coaching sessions according to the needs of the coachees. This makes them a holistic experience.


"The possibility of a dream coming true is what makes life interesting."

Paulo Coelho

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