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Mediation is always solution-oriented

The definition of mediation (LatinMediation) according to Wikipedia is: A structured, voluntary process for the constructive settlement of aconflict. I work with (inter)personal disagreements and do not do any legal mediation.

Such a conflict can be internal or external.

An inner conflict can be when you

  • is in conflict with something or someone and cannot resolve it (personally).

  • should make a decision and there is no clarity

  • have to choose between different options

  • anything that triggers an inner mental or emotional conflict

If I work with an inner conflict, all the people/aspects involved are first “put out” with placeholders. This creates immediate overview and makes the situation manageable. Then the mediation can begin. This type of "mediation" can be approached at any time, since the "participants" do not have to be included or actively involved.  The solving power of this work is enormous, releases a lot of (conflict) energy and creates inner freedom.

An external conflict can arise from

  • differences of opinion in relationships, private or at work

  • conflicting views on how to proceed in apecific situations

  • recurring tensions/quarrels, often over small matters and for no reason


In this setting I work with DIALOGUE. This form of genuine and honest communication creates a safe space in which even very difficult and "sensitive" topics can be dealt with in depth; this often works "miracles". These mediations also include a dialogue training, which enables couples, teams and groups to imoderate dialogues by themselves.

The best prerequisit for a successful mediation is the consent of all parties involved. Therefore it is important to get to know each beforehand. This is free of charge and when all agree, we start to work.

I work with (inter)personal disagreements and do not do any legal mediation.

"People generally only argue because they can't dialogue."

Gilbert Keith Chesteron

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