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Working with people in companies

One to one or online

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My becoming in business world

After a pedagogical and business oriented training as well as six years of studies and assistance (in the field of brain and consciousness research at various institutes in Europe and the USA), I led a seminar academy in Switzerland for ten years.


In 1992 I founded my own training company, developed the "alphaSkills©" and was thus successfully running my own business as a seminar leader. For 25 years I trained in companies. Key was the Alpha State as a way to use the brain and its capacities more holistically.

I published two books  - "alphaSkills" and "The Alpha Factor" - and an alphaSkills learning CD. I also trained trainers who are still teaching this approach today.

In the summer of 2017 I sold my company alphaSkills ag. Today I use the best of everything good. I still enjoy coaching business people and executives and occasionally do needs-based, tailor-made training courses on request.

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