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Coaching with Head and Gut


SOMATIC COACHING includes the somatic sense. It is so to say the 6th sense and is often equated with the "brain in the gut". It has now been proven that "the gut" is, in many ways, more wise than the mind.

But that does not mean you do not need your mental capacities! It is important to be clear about where you want to go on your journey - with yourself and with your life.


Visions, goals and ideas carry the power of realization within themselves. If you connect with them through the somatic sense, you will immediately sense what helps and what hinders you. Emotions are can be very strong drivers - sometimes helpful, sometimes hindering. The "Emotion Code" is a helpful tool for releasing blocked emotional patterns in the shortest possible time.

With Somatic Coaching you will make longlasting changes in your life. You will apply all your strength: the mind and the gut, the conscious and the unconscious. With this you create the best preconditions to take your life into your own hands and achieve your goals.

"The possibility of a dream coming true is what makes life interesting."

Paulo Coelho

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