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SOMATIC WORK grew from my many years of working with people. It is neither psychotherapy nor psychological counseling and is entirely un-esoteric, but embraces all aspects of our human being: body, mind and soul. It is powerful, gentle, multi-facetted and effective work. The positive effects and the easement and growth of energy are directly experienced within the body as well as in everyday life.

The focus lies on your own, healthy self-regulation. Your body "knows" what it needs - your innermost being knows what is essential for you in every life situation. You find the most powerful resources within yourself - my work is to support you, to discover and strengthen yourself.

An important tool in SOMATIC WORK is Somatic Experiencing (SE)®. This is a body-oriented approach is unique to resolve any type of stress - physically, emotionally and mentally. It was invented by Dr. Peter A. Levine. The aim of Somatic Experiencing (SE)® is to (re)establish the natural self-regulation in the nervous system and thereby release symptoms of wear and tear, shock and trauma in the system.

SOMATIC WORK is very effective. My many years of experience provide me with a wide range of skills and options of intervention which I can apply depending on your personal situation. Coupled with your determination to free yourself from blockages and to actively shape your life, a few sessions are usually sufficient for a noticeable change.


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