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Imagine if we could express our views freely, without inner compulsion to impose or conform them to those of others, and without distortion or self-deception. Wouldn't that be tantamount to a revolution in our culture?

                                                                                           David Bohm



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About David Bohm, the inventor of dialogue


David Bohm (1917-1992) is the "father" of dialogue - this approach is the culmination of all his insights and life experiences.


As a quantum physicist, David Bohm has made a number of significant contributions to physics. In the last phase of his life, however, he increasingly turned to questions about human consciousness and the nature of interpersonal understanding. He developed a great interest in the power and dynamics of the collective field. This resulted in the so-called "Bohms Dialogue".

He called dialogue "a form of thinking together" - connecting consciousness to generate new ideas, looking for innovative solutions, exploring new fields.  While a discussion (Latin from discutere = smash, divide, disassemble) is dissecting the whole, dialogue (Greek from dia = through, logos = word) he defined as "free flow of meaning which at flows underneath, through and between us".


A dialogue is about participation, about taking and being part, about letting something develop together in an undisturbed flow of conversation and about finding new insights and solutions. Source and inspiration is consciousness - the strongest resource is the collective field of consciousness.

Every dialogue makes me marvel at the power and effectiveness of this approach is in its simplicity; amazing for everyone involved!

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